Artist Creates Coloring Book About the Weirdness of Public Transportation

Have you ever been so observant that you decided to create a coloring book out of it?

No? Well, that’s perfectly understandable. After all, not everyone has the artistic ability to create a coloring book.

There are so many weird and fun things that happen every day that you could make, not just one, but dozens of relatable coloring books. This is especially true if we’re talking about public transportation.

From all of the funny down to the downright terrifying and annoying experiences that we get to see and experience every day in public transportation, not only will a coloring book about public transportation have a lot of content, but it will also be relatable.

Of course, since everyone experience’s the world their own way, it only makes sense to let people color the world as they see fit.

That’s something that this coloring book lets people do.

Below, you’ll find photos of this incredibly unique, but also a wildly interesting coloring book that was inspired by the weirdness that is public transportation.