Artist Custom Paints Sneakers to Look Like They Were Photoshopped

Painting something takes a whole lot of skill, but painting sneakers? That’s a whole nother level.

Because sneakers are entirely different from your typical canvass, painting sneakers take a different skill set. You’d have to adjust to the different contours of each sneaker, as well as make sure that the paint you’re using actually lasts long enough to not fade easily, especially after the sneakers have been worn.

Puck’n Khaos is sort of an expert about all things painting sneakers.

As an artist, Puck’n Khaos has a tendency to work on a lot of things, and most if not all of them are actually quite good. However, her latest work easily takes the cake.

Painting an all-white Jordan Air Force Ones, Puck’n Khaos spent nearly two days transforming the classic sneaker into something that’s arguably even better. She decided to use “Into the Spiderverse” as a theme, and the results are excellent enough that you’ll wonder how and why Marvel decided to pass up on the opportunity to market sneakers like this to take advantage of Marvel’s current popularity.

In any case, be sure to scroll down below to see more of Gigi Rodgers’ work.