Artist Creates Large Animal Masks

Minneapolis-based artist Liz Sexton is best known for her series of large paper-mâché pieces of rats, ravens, fish, and other animals worn by humans. She places the hybrids in non-natural environments, like a fish out of water or ravens riding a subway.

To create her masks, she uses brown paper, paste, and paper pulp and needs a couple of weeks or even months to finish.

“I often work on species facing existential threats, such as marine life, though I suppose this uncertainty applies to most animals at this point. Photographing the animal heads worn out of their natural habitats, and in our immediate world, highlights the displacement that many creatures experience,” the artist told Colossal and added that she enjoys working on animals that live very close to us but we don’t necessarily see.

She started making the masks a couple of years ago and shares her creations on Instagram. Although she doesn’t have a huge following, her page is still worth checking out.