This Quirky Café in Taiwan is Paradise for Alpaca Lovers

You won’t struggle to find unusual cafés during your visit to Taiwan, but there’s only one where you can enjoy dinner with an alpaca by your side. Oia Café in Taipei became a true sensation with animal lovers because it allows you to make some furry friends during your visit.

If you ever find yourself in Taipei, this is one of those one-of-a-kind experiences you shouldn’t miss, because you can’t really find something like this anywhere else. Animal cafés are booming around the world, but this is the only one with alpacas freely roaming around.

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You can order some tasty coffee and treats while at Oia Café, but you won’t be the only one enjoying a delicious meal. You can also feed the friendly alpacas with carrots and other foods approved by the owner.

Not all the alpacas are allowed inside because some of them aren’t used to this environment. That’s why Oia Café has a small backyard located beside it, where you can spend some time with other alpacas that you didn’t get to see inside.