Artist Creates Life-Like Animal Portraits and You Can Almost Feel the Fur

Dutch artist, Marissa Oosterlee creates hyperrealistic portraits like you have never seen before. The artworks appear so real that you can even feel it.

This talented artist has acquired global recognition with her photorealistic portraits. In her works, she creates a different reality with photorealistic painting techniques. She depicts elves, fairies, and other animals alongside human portraits in her drawings.

Oosterlee has won several awards for her work. A few years ago, she won an award for painting the queen of Holland. Various newspapers have published her work, and she has also gotten recognized by International Magazines and TV shows.

She shares her work on her social media pages. New users are drawn to her page as the artworks go viral from time to time. We found some astonishing paintings on her page, and you can view them in the gallery below.

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Study of a cat

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