David Morrison Draws Life-Like Illustrations of Plants

David Morrison spent most of his life working as a professor at the Herron School of Art and Design and helping young artists find the best way to express their creativity. But now retired, Morrison finally has time to focus on his own art and has been getting quite a recognition for it.

Morrison draws life-like illustrations of flowers, branches, fruit, and other things from nature. His hyperrealistic works are so detailed that you could swear you are looking at a photograph and not something done with pencils.

According to Morrison, his preferred subject is plants since due to the astonishing abstract shapes and intriguing patterns that can be found in nature. By drawing them, he manages to better understand the complexity of nature and how magnificent it can be.

“My intention is to show the beauty of a simple flowering branch or a scarified tree trunk for the viewer to reexamine the realities of nature,“ Morrison explained.

Morrison’s works have been shown in art galleries around the United States. They are currently exhibited in New York City’s Garvey Simon, where interested art enthusiasts can both check out his art and buy the pieces they like.

If you can’t make the trip to New York, check out some of Morrison’s illustrations below.