Artist Creates Medicine-Inspired Embroideries

Artist Emmi Khan loves embroidery and decided to combine her passion with interest in the human body to and create organs-inspired embroideries. In her gallery, you won’t see images of landscapes, buildings, etc., because she is more interested in science.

The Cardiff-based artist embroiders anatomically accurate organs and systems which she often mixes with floral and other natural elements. She began her embroidery journey back when she was studying biomedical sciences.

“Science seems to understand the world in an objective and empirical manner, often stumbling upon beauty along the way, and presents it intellectually. Art takes the world and lets the human imagination run wild with it, presenting a product of feeling and often beauty with this. I wouldn’t say they are one and the same thing, but they do go hand in hand with respect to the goals they set out to achieve,” the artist told Colossal.

We really enjoyed browsing through her Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow her for future updates. You can also check out her Etsy store where she sells her beautiful embroideries.