A Knitter is Making Loss Easier for Grieving Pet Owners

The cats and dogs in our lives are far more than just domestic pets — they are family. 

Theresa Furrer realized the special place that most animals have in our lives and wanted to commemorate this for their owners. As a proficient knitter, Furrer drew inspiration from her name and decided to incorporate the fur of pets who had passed on into garments for their owners. 

Her company, Nine Lives Twine, uses dog and cat hair to make a yarn called chiengora. The idea first sprung when the Pittsburgh resident lost her cat in 2012 and waited months to get her beloved pet’s body returned from a taxidermist. She then began making her own wearable items using the fur from late animals so that their human family can have something of theirs during their grief. 

The 45-year-old has managed to create hats, scarves, pillows, and bracelets, with her claiming that poodle hair is the most difficult to work with.