Artist Creates Paintings Inspired By Her Chronic Migraines

Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine before, or knows someone who suffers from this disorder, already knows that migraines are no ordinary headaches. This is a serious neurological condition that many people are not familiar with, and artist Bethany Noël Murray is creating paintings that might help change this.

Murray has had chronic migraines for over twenty years of her life, and her vibrant and colorful paintings can help us understand how she sees the world in these moments.

“My paintings have been proof to myself of what I experience during an attack, and despite the pain, I’ve made the choice to see the good, weird, and beautiful,” Murray said to My Modern Met. “I began making paintings to show the incredible beauty that accompanies this strange neurological condition, as I have always been fascinated at the neurobiology behind the imagery I see.”

You’ll notice that many of her paintings depict wooded forests, and this is because the artist often seeks refuge in forests, in order to avoid strong light.

Take a look at Murray’s surreal paintings from her Migraines in Nature series and make sure to follow her on Instagram.