Artist Creates Portraits from Rubik’s Cubes

This artist has an amazing way of bringing life to his portraits. He uses hundreds of twisted Rubik’s cubes. Giovanni Contardi has created portraits of Robert Downey Junior, Justin Timberlake, Dave Grohl, and recently, Dwayne Johnson.

Each work takes up to 24 weeks to complete and each portrait needs about 700 individually shaped cubes. Contardi has solved rubik’s cubes for more than ten years. He decided to make this art form a full-time job a few months ago.

What happens to the artwork after completion?

The artist destroys his works after completion and retwists the cubes for a different portrait. When his work is made for a private person or company, it is framed and delivered to the owners. His artwork recently surfaced on Twitter and went viral. He posts all his work on his Instagram page and has a long list of amazing work in his gallery.

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@willowsmith ~ 696 Rubik’s cubes

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Contardi loves to create portraits of people that inspire him. This is why he creates portraits of actors and musicians.