Pianist Serenades to Rescued Elephants at Thailand Sanctuary

Elephants never forget. They have an amazing memory and are by far the most compassionate animals on earth.

This pianist has chosen to give the elephants memories to last their lifetime. Englishman, Paul Barton, plays classics such as Beethoven and Bach to rescued elephants at the Elephants World sanctuary in Thailand. The elephants love the music, and they sway to the rhythm and sing along sometimes.

When the music starts, there is a sudden movement. Some elephants hold their trunk firmly in their mouth while others sway with the sound of the music.

Barton was trained in London, at the Royal Academy of Arts. He was inspired to play for the elephants after he met a blind elephant called Plara. As he played, Plara stopped eating and listened attentively to the music.

The elephants come up to the piano freely and sometimes, wild monkeys join the audience to listen to the sweet melodies.