Artist Creates Sad, Silly Comics for Sad, Silly People

Looking for a new source of daily chuckles? Then you definitely need to check out the one-panel comics Bummer Party. While their creator, an artist named Rusty, describes them as “sad, silly comics for sad, silly people,” the truth is that his creations can be enjoyed by everyone.

In his Bummer Party comics, Rusty combines a simplistic but eye-pleasing drawing style with hard-hitting jokes. He takes inspiration from everyday situations that he infuses with big doses of silliness. This includes conversations among friends, menial tasks like cooking, and interactions with people on the internet.

Rusty admits that social media is his favorite subject.

“My comics are largely consumed by people I don’t know and will never meet but who know me. Thinking about that parasocial relationship too much can give you the heebie-jeebies, so I try and process it through humor and comics,” Rusty shared with Bored Panda in a recent interview.

Rusty adds that the goal of Bummer Party comics isn’t to challenge people to think about life or prompt emotions. Instead, the artist just wants to provide internet users with some laughs and brighten up their day. Judging by Rusty’s growing following on Instagram and Webtoon, the platform on which he publishes the comic, he is doing just that.