Artist Creates Stunning Stone Arrangements On the Beach

We’re absolutely sure that there isn’t a single person in this world who doesn’t like long walks on the beach. Land artist Jon Foreman finds them enjoyable as well, but he also seeks comfort in creating beautiful stone art along the coast.

Foreman lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, home to many breathtaking beaches, although the artist claims he’s visited only half of them. Every time he goes to the beach, Foreman spends at least four hours there in order to create his stunning arrangements.

“There are so many ways of working with stone; the color, the size, the shape the angle it is placed, the direction it faces, endless possibilities. Although stone isn’t my only material of choice, it is currently my favorite as it presents so many different opportunities,” Foreman said in an interview with My Modern Met.

His stone art is exceptionally beautiful, but also short-lived. At the end of the day, each of his creations is washed by the tide and every stone goes back to where it came from. The artist says this doesn’t bother him at all – it makes his art even more special.

Check out these breathtaking stone arrangements in the photos below.