Artist Creates Tiny Paper Plants Smaller Than Your Hand

Raya Sader Bujana is a talented paper artist and set designer who creates miniature paper plants you will adore. She has been creating Tiny Big House Plants for more than three years and needs between five and six weeks to finish each paper sculpture.

According to the Barcelona-based creator, her work is influenced by her strong background in architecture and her love for nature and its intricate patterns. She doesn’t have a plan when she starts creating her plant, except the type of plant that she wants to work on.

I like applying techniques from other artistic disciplines or crafts, such as weaving or basketry and translating them to the language of paper, so the baskets of these tiny plants are woven like real baskets with paper,” the artist told My Modern Met. “My intention is to slowly continue to grow this series and to try and reach a new level of detail with each new piece.”

Her miniatures have been featured in various publications and media worldwide, such as Feel Desain, Design Collector, Creative Boom, Art People, and many more.

If you want to follow her work, check out her Instagram.