Rogan Brown Creates Complex Paper Sculptures Inspired By Science

In the works of artist Rogan Brown, paper and art meet science and come together to produce astonishing results. Brown is known for his complex paper sculptures that are often inspired by science, or as the artist himself puts it, they exist in the space where “science fact and science fiction meet and merge”. His pieces contain numerous references or are modeled by fossils, insects, scientific discoveries, nature, and more.

According to Brown, his main goal is to visualize new ideas and views of the world as an outsider and a non-artist.

“My choice of paper cutting as a vehicle for this exploration of our changing perception of nature is based on its accessibility and simplicity as a medium,” Brown explains on his website. “The transformation of a banal, quotidian material into something visually extraordinary parallels and echoes the radical changes in our vision of the familiar world that science engenders.”

Brown’s detailed works require significant time and effort. They come together thanks to numerous layers of paper placed on top of each other. Some need up to five months to be completed, but one look at them and you realize it was time well spent.

Check out more of these amazing works below.