Artist Creates Very Ugly Plates Because, Why Not?

Real life events make for the best jokes. Why? Because they’re relatable.

That’s probably part of the reason why Very Ugly Plates is gaining a lot of traction.

Created by a Berlin-based artist, Very Ugly Plates features a series of plates with mostly dark humor printed on them. This includes, among others, the hilarious shenanigans of a close friend, as well as other things that people who have dark humor would find hilarious while the rest of the world are cringing at the mere thought of the joke.

The artist draws a lot of inspiration from things that happen in real life.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a scenario that involves a close friend. The artist uses things that happen to him everywhere. This can even be a random conversation that he overheard or something that just came into his mind out of the blue.

Either way, these plates are about to sell like hotcakes because of how darkly hilarious the prints are.

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