Artist Decorates a Danish Forest with Wooden Giants

Artist Thomas Dambo found a way to work with recycled materials to create art. Over a three-year timeframe, the artist made 25 recycled sculptures. In his hometown of Copenhagen, he has created 6 giants and hidden them in the woods.

He placed them in some of his favorite spots around the city. These places do not get a lot of visitors because it is off the beaten track. Only a treasure map can lead people to this location. Also, he hides a poem in the stone near the sculpture to help people to find other giants.

The sculptures were crafted from recycled wood. He scavenged for most of the items which included old wooden sheds, old pallets and fences. Local volunteers also helped him work on the sculptures, and each of the sculptures was named after volunteers.

Thomas hopes to inspire others to recycle their products and take care of the planet better.

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