Artist Illustrates Famous Quotes

Artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong turns famous quotes into thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing posters. “The finest thoughts in the fewest words are the reason why many of us are drawn to famous quotes,” the Malaysia-based artist shared on Bored Panda.

“As an illustrator, I always aspire to illustrate words and stories to visually interpret thoughts,” he added. “These illustrations are meant to complement the famous quotes by famous people, or unknown authors. Perhaps there is no legitimate record of these quotes being said by anyone of note.”

For over a decade, Yau Hoong has been working in advertising, editorial, branding, corporate, and marketing. But in his spare time, he’s wholly dedicated to his personal projects.

You can find his work on his Instagram profile where he has attracted over 50 thousand followers. Scroll down to take a look at his creations: