Artist Illustrates True Friendship Between Dog and Kitten

Image via pet_foolery/Instagram

Benjamin Hed is a young artist who creates cute pet comics. His recent project, where he shares the adventures of two very unusual friend, has brought him almost one million followers on his Instagram profile.

Pixie is a tiny, joyful, energetic and innocent kitty, while Brutus is a large, scary, scar-faced German Shepherd who becomes a part of the family, after retiring as a Military Working Dog.

“Honestly, Pixie and Brutus were just another random comic idea I had while at work,” artist told to Bored Panda. “I was never planning on making them a series, I just thought it would be a funny idea to introduce a cute little kitten to a big intimidating war dog. So I made the first Pixie and Brutus comic, and people liked it so much I just kept making them.”

Check out the adorable duo below.