Artist Makes Tasty Looking Paper Sculptures

Lebanese-Venezuelan paper artist based in Barcelona, Raya Sader Bujana, makes delightful paper sculptures that focus mainly on food items. After studying architecture in Venezuela, she decided to drop out and focus on her true passion: paper art and design.

Influenced by her strong background in architecture, and her love of nature, she has since created stop-motion videos and commissioned pieces and sculptures, and has worked with brands like Camper and DOIY.

β€œI started working with paper and cardboard back when I was studying architecture, paper has always been one of my favorite mediums to work with,” Bujana told The Creators Project on Vice. β€œI find it graceful and endlessly versatile. Paper can be layered, shaped, cut, folded, colored, sculpted, so it’s full of possibilities, the more I experiment with it the more possibilities I see.”

β€œI like observing and giving my own interpretation of simple everyday things,” says Bujana. β€œI think observation is a powerful tool for creativity. I can be looking at something as simple as a slice of cucumber, my house plants, the latte I’m having, a camera or a person doing gymnastics and think ‘Hey, this could look great made out of paper!’ and so I make it!”

You can follow her work on Instagram or visit her Etsy shop, where she sells original origami pieces that include jewelry and cake toppers.