Artist Re-Imagines Characters From Russian Fairytale Animations

Svetlana Kuznetsova describes herself as a multidisciplinary visual designer and illustrator living and working in Poland since 2012. She specializes in creating digital illustration, graphic design, and 3D visualization.

Not that long ago, Kuznetsova created her own project where she illustrated Princesses from her native country. All of her creations depict princesses from Russian Soviet famous animations.

“The aim of this project, it is not to create a better version, but to show the world the beauty of Russian culture in my own vision and style,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “Every kid from my generation remember these animations from the childhood. I believe, that all these beautiful and kind stories made us better!”

You can find princesses like The Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen or The Bremen Town Musicians from Brothers Grimm. If you are interested to see her creations check out her Instagram page below. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images.