Girl Makes Beautiful Paper Flower Decorations

Flower UPC is a YouTube channel made by an Indian girl, where you can find tutorials on how to make beautiful paper flowers, origami flowers, DIY paper crafts, paper cutting flowers, and much more. According to the artist, people are beautiful worshipers who love flowers, so they want to create them with colorful paper.

“This is my creative venture where I am the creative creator and something that will fascinate you on my YouTube channel,” the artist shared on her channel. This time, the crafter made a beautiful paper flower bouquet using a plastic bottle.

“I will show a simple and easy Guldasta tutorial made with paper flower and a plastic bottle for Home decor,” she added. Home decor and a creative use of plastic bottles? What an extraordinary idea!

If you want to learn how to make beautiful paper flowers, check out Flower UPC’s tutorials on YouTube. Have you ever done this kind of thing?