Artist Reimagines Famous People as Finger Characters

Dito Von Tease is the pseudonym of a talented digital artist living in Italy. He became famous for his series called Ditology, a gallery of finger-portraits of famous and ordinary people.

“I started the Ditology project in 2009, when I created my Facebook account. I wanted this to become a virtual space free from my relatives, colleagues and not-very-friends, so I created an avatar,” he wrote on his website. “In Italian someone could say I wanted to “hide myself behind my finger” (nascondermi dietro un ditto): it’s a popular metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place.”

From David Bowie to Leonardo DiCaprio, you can see icons from music, movies, historical figures and even common people transformed into adorable finger characters.

His other works include “Melting Pop,” where he reinvents popular characters in creative and inventive ways, and “Classicool,” his newest series where the subject of the paintings takes selfies.