Artist Shows Just How Destructive Plastic Is For Turtles

Have you ever stopped to wonder how destructive plastic and all of the rubbish that we throw in the ocean can be to the animals that inhabit it? Well, if you haven’t yet, these next photos will make you start thinking about the cost of plastic pollution.

Or, at least, just how destructive all of that junk can be to turtles. You see, unlike other animals, turtles are quite unique in that their mouths are specifically built to keep things in but not out. This means they struggle when things like plastic get sucked in.

The photos by Kairo, an artist, as well as a biologist, explain in detail what happens when sea turtles and plastic meet. It’s a pretty harrowing series of photos that will have you seriously thinking about what you can do to help out the environment, even if it’s something as simple as learning how to segregate your trash and not throwing your plastic everywhere.

Take a look: