This Guy Picks Trash Off the Street to Show Just How Easy It Is

Filthy streets, trash, and plastic pollution is a growing problem for many countries in the world. Throwing our plastic waste in the trash may not resolve all our plastic problems, but at least it will help keep the streets clean, so the garbage doesn’t spread around. But no matter how much we try to keep the streets clean, there are always those who don’t mind throwing their plastic cups and wrapping papers right on the sidewalk.  

One Portland resident has had it. Known simply as Peter, he runs an Instagram account under the name @peterpicksuptrash, where he posts photos of trash he found on the streets with a short message describing how easy it is to pick up trash. Peter says that he developed a habit of trash picking around two years ago, when he began noticing that every day, during his lunch breaks, he walks past piles of trash just lying around. So one day he decided to start picking it up.

Here are some of his socially engaged Instagram posts that might inspire you to do the same thing!