Artist Turns Marvel Superheroes into Pets

“Earth’s mightiest heroes”

That’s the slogan that Marvel’s main cast of superheroes, the Avengers, have used pretty much since their inception, and for the most part, it has rung true.

Iron-Man, Thor, and Captain America, among others, truly are mighty.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder as to what these heroes would look like if, you know, they were cats and dogs?

Well, one art director did, and the results are damn cute.

Illustrator and art director, Josh Lynch, decided to draw up some of the earth’s mightiest heroes as either a cat or a dog, often out of boredom and sometimes as a commission piece for anyone who requests to have it done for their pets.

Using his creative talents, Lynch turns the mighty and powerful into the cute and cuddly.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see it for yourself.