Artist Creates Disney Princess and X-Men Mashup

Long before women empowerment became mainstream, women, especially in animation, had already been well-represented and given a chance to shine.

A good example of this is Disney Princesses.

Although the common trope is that they are damsels in distress, there are plenty of Disney princesses who did their fair share of saving. Take for example Mulan, who helped save China from the Huns. Then there’s Pocahontas.

In more recent times, we’ve seen Disney princesses such as Vanellope and Elsa take on the role of protectors instead of being protected.

Outside of Disney, there’ve been many instances of women being empowered in other animated media. The X-men, for example, has long had plenty of powerful female characters, such as Storm and Psylocke.

So, it only makes sense to make a mash-up of both franchises, right?

Apparently, that seems to be the case for Marcus Williams, which is why the Atlanta-based illustrator decided to create images depicting Disney princesses with what could be their counterparts (or somewhat) in the X-men franchise.

It’s not all femme fatale, mind you, but the representation is all the same.

Be sure to scroll down below to see more of Marcus’ works.