Artists Turn New Zealand’s Plain Utility Cabinets into Amazing Works of Art

Image via Chorusnz/Facebook

For years, New Zealand’s broadband company Chorus had problems with vandals who would scribble their utility cabinets with tags and offensive images and messages. In order to try and defer taggers from this activity, the company decided to seek help from local artists.

In 2010, Chorus started an art project through which they commissioned artists from various backgrounds to cover the utility cabinets with real art pieces. The project turned into a big success from both practical and visual point of view. The taggers targeted the painted cabinets less frequently while the locals were treated with amazing works of art.

This project also enabled New Zealand’s artists to have their works introduced to a much wider audience.

“Painting’s a really lonely, solitary thing. I’ve always had exhibitions when I could, but it limits how you can get your art in front of people. Paintings in public places get more attention than anything,” says artist Paul Walsh. “Now that I’ve done a few around Auckland, people who recognize my other murals come up and tell me which are their favorites, or which ones they live near. People are embracing them as part of the landscape.”

Check out some of this impressive cabinet art below.