This Artist Creates Hilarious Comics That Will Make Your Day

Fudgeler is an artist who creates hilarious comics inspired by her everyday life. She introduces herself by explaining the meaning behind her pseudonym: “The word ‘fudgel’ is an eighteenth-century word meaning ‘to pretend to work while actually doing nothing at all’. Drawing comics is, essentially, my way of ‘fudgeling’, I often base my comics around random thoughts I have throughout the day, as well as funny conversations I have with friends,” she shared on Bored Panda, and added that her goal is to make people happy. “If even one person smiles or laughs at my drawings, all the time I put into making these comics will be worth it.”

Although she still hasn’t gained a huge fan base, we are sure that her talent will come to the surface in the near future, because her work is worth following.

See the illustrations below and swipe each one for more. Can you relate?