Baker Includes Small Dogs In Her Cakes

Custom Cakes By Darci is a small business owned by an expert at designing and baking custom cakes. The Canada-based baker became famous thanks to her cakes involving miniature dogs who had a bite out of the pastry.

Her baking journey began three years ago and according to her, she needs an average of two or three days to make each cake. “My cakes are pretty simple. I love simple modern looks that look more effortless then done up,” Darci shared in an interview with Bored Panda. “I care more about the cake inside then the looks.”

Darci loves including dogs in her artwork, and she has her own pet as well.

“I also have a dog that is newly adopted, his name is Kiwi and he is 14. He is my life and I think including fur babies into cakes is a fantastic idea! Everyone should do it!”

To see Darci’s cakes, have a look at her Instagram account or website.

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Can you blame him? 🐕

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