Baker Was Turned Down By All TV Networks — and Became a YouTube Star

Sometimes you have to fail before you can succeed – and that’s exactly what happened to Yolanda Gampp, the star of the super-popular YouTube Channel, How to Cake It.

Yolanda is a veteran baker and cake decorator who started baking novelty cakes in her mother’s kitchen and became a master of her craft. She even ended up on television, in the show Sugarstars – but unfortunately, the show didn’t last. After its cancellation, two producers who worked with Yolanda on the show, Jocelyn Mercer and Connie Contardi, tried to get her her own show – they just knew she was made for TV! But no one was willing to give her a chance.

So they changed their strategy and opened a YouTube channel – How to Cake It. Without TV executives to worry about, Yolanda could focus on what really mattered to her – baking and her friendship with her friends Jocelyn and Connie.

Without even trying, the three women created a new genre on YouTube: first, no one on the platform was making the insane novelty cakes Yolanda was making, and second, her electric personality and her casual banter with Jocelyn and Connie were so refreshing! Very quickly, the channel became a total hit, and today it has over 4 million subscribers, who enjoy Yolanda’s wacky sense of humor as much as her cakes.