Becky Simpson’s Flowcharts Will Remind You Not to Worry Too Much

We get it, life can be tough. But thankfully, Becky Simpson’s flowcharts are here to help simplify our daily struggles, reminding us not to worry our pretty little heads.

“I’ve always been the art kid,” admitted Simpson in an interview with Freelance Wisdom. “I’m from a small town and was pretty coddled as THE artist. Some of my earliest memories have to do with being affirmed in my creativity. I’ve always known I was going to have some sort of artsy career. I studied graphic design to be ‘practical’ but eventually inserted my doodles into projects whenever I could.”

“It’s just what I enjoyed doing,” she highlighted. “After doing a lot of that and developing a style (which I never sought out to do, just happened by way of drawing a lot), I became equal parts graphic designer and illustrator. Then I wrote my first book (I’d Rather Be Short) while I was at my first job and that launched me into my freelance career.”

Now she runs her own brand, Chipper Things, specializing in paper art that celebrates the simple things in life through a cheerful lens. Take a look at some of her relatable work in the gallery below.

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