Blogger Encourages Women to Dress Like Celebrities – No Matter Their Size

“As women, we are perfectly imperfect” – these are the words that Katie Sturino employs to begin the story about her beauty brand Megababe.   

Pretty much like every woman that ever lived, Katie used to be very concerned about her body. She carefully tried to maintain her size 12 for years, but a significant change was ahead of her. She separated from her husband about three years ago, and that led to gaining a lot of weight, even though she was working out. She eventually ended up adding 60 pounds on her body – but she loved it.

She is now size 16, and she enjoys it, so now she is on a mission to show that no matter your size, you can look and feel fantastic. To achieve that, she uses her Instagram profile, where she posts pictures of herself and celebrities side by side, wearing the same outfit. You can see that she looks astonishing and that her self-confidence is on a high level, and she looks genuinely happy. She shares her tips and tricks on her site, where you can also find products like antiperspirants for your body and even socks!   

Check out this amazing woman and her Instagram profile!