Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend “Love Pills” to Help With Her Mental Health

They say when buying a gift that it’s not about how much money you spend, but the thought that counts. The best gifts are often those that are creative and ones that show you really care about the person. Riley Rankin’s gift to his girlfriend proves just that.

For their two-year anniversary, Riley surprised his girlfriend, Denisha with “love pills.” Prior to their anniversary Denisha had been struggling with anxiety and Riley wanted to find a way to make her happy. Denisha doesn’t like taking pills for her anxiety, so Riley thought he would put a creative spin on them. He ordered empty gelatin capsules and filled them with sweet, love notes to her. In total there were 60 notes and they took him two hours to create them.

Riley also told her that she could refill them when she ran out. Denisha’s response to the gift, she loved it, “Gifts don’t have to cost $100 to be meaningful, a couple of bucks and some creativity.”

We wish we had someone as thoughtful as Riley in our life.