Care for a Drink? A Beverages Guide for Your Next Vacation

When traveling, one of the best ways to really experience a place is to try and act like a local. This means that you should visit the famous museums, try the local food, and of course, take a shot of the best alcohol the country has to offer. Here’s a short guide on what drink to drink in which country.

Ireland: Guinness  

Guinness is an Irish dark beer and also the best-selling alcoholic beverage worldwide. Other than its specific taste, the beer also has an unorthodox dark red, almost black color.  

France: Champagne 

Champagne is white, sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France, made under very strict second fermentation wine rules.   

Eastern Europe: Rakia 

A strong brandy made out of plumps, grapes or herbs, this is a must-have when visiting any country in Eastern Europe. As it’s very strong, you should drink it with caution, and accompanied by some local delicacy. 

Russia: Vodka 

Otherwise known as liquid French-fries, Vodka is a strong drink made of potatoes used for cocktails worldwide and as an extra layer to keep you warm in the harsh Russian winter.