Liz Carlson’s Manifesto to the Solo Female Traveler is a Must Read!

With more than 200k fans on Instagram alone, Liz Carlson, aka the Young Adventuress is a celebrated travel blogger and a New Zealand celebrity. “A friend once described me as cynical but kind in equal measure, a disturbingly accurate bio,” writes the American based in New Zealand blogger. “If you’re a fan of chaos, brutal honesty, sarcasm and girls who think they are wittier than they actually are, then you’ve come to the place. No, no don’t run away just yet.”

Carlson’s blog post dedicated to the solo female traveler, and presenting a no-filter manifesto to solo traveling, is our first stop. “Without sounding incredibly cheesy, I think my happiest moments are when I get emails and messages from readers asking advice about traveling the world, alone, female or otherwise,” writes Carlson. “The older I get and the more experience I gain roaming the world and talking with strangers, the more and more conscious of the gap between men and women in so many different spheres—especially even in the US—I become.”

Her first necessary tip? Be brave and don’t be afraid to travel alone. “For the number of times I legitimately felt in danger, I can give you 1000 examples of beautiful, friendly, and unique moments that surprised me to no end while traveling.”

We can’t wait to follow her lead!