Catalina Swinburn Joins Folded Paper Sheets into Impressive Garment-Like Arrangements

The works of Chilean artist Catalina Swinburn could be described as sculptures, cloaks, and everything in between. Swinburn uses folded paper sheets to create impressive garment-like arrangements that impress the viewer with both their meticulous execution and the story that they tell.

Swinburn says on her website that she works with the “geopolitical concept of displacement.” This can be easily seen in the type of paper she uses for her impressive sculptures. They can be geopolitical maps, sheets of music notes, and even documents of “displaced patrimonial treasures.”

In order to make her unique artwork, Swinburn folds the paper in a particular manner to create a bigger pattern and then weaves the sheets into cloaks. These pieces stand on their own as sculptures but are also worn by the artist as part of an art performance.

According to Swinburn, her practice aims to raise awareness “both physically and conceptually” with the aim to “strengthen the integration between various communities from the Global South in making reference to female resilience.”

Swinburn’s works have been displayed in museums and galleries across the world. The artist also frequently shares them on her social media. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.