Stranger Makes a Crochet Beanie for a Well-Behaved Baby on Its First Flight

People often freak out when they see a baby boarding on their flight. They immediately assume that they will have to listen to cries until the plane lands. But more often than not, the baby ends up sleeping through the flight or just minds its own business. And sometimes, they get a nice reward for that.

In a viral TikTok video, user @kellyryan49 shared the story about how their baby girl Romey received a gift from a kind stranger for behaving well during her first flight.

The TikToker and her family were seated next to a woman who was doing crochet to pass the time during the flight. Romey was mesmerized by the woman’s knitting, which quite possibly played a part in her remaining calm during the flight.

The woman was moved by the baby’s attention, so she changed her mind and decided to make a beanie for Romey and gift it to her once the plane landed. The family was in awe of the gesture, so they decided to share it on social media.

The video has received more than eight million views since being posted in January, and TikTok users seemed amazed by the story.

“I’m a firm believer that babies/children bring out the best in us, if we allow it. How sweet,” one TikToker commented on the video.

“What a beautiful story to tell,” another added.