YouTuber MrBeast Builds 100 Wells in Africa

Even if you don’t watch YouTube videos often, you probably know who MrBeast is. Real name Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast gained popularity for his elaborate videos and philanthropic endeavors that made him the most subscribed individual on the platform.

This week, Donaldson uploaded a new video that sees him visiting Africa and building wells in areas that struggle with access to clean water. According to the Youtuber, his project has provided more than half a million people with a source of clean water in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, and Namibia, among other countries.

Besides building wells, Donaldson also helped villages and its residents in various other ways. He gifted soccer balls and bikes to kids, donated computers to schools and equipment to hospitals, and even financed the construction of a bridge.

Donaldson doesn’t intend to stop there and has started a fundraiser that aims to help bring clean water to as many African communities as possible.

MrBeast’s video immediately became viral, reaching close to 50 million views in less than two days while earning him praise from around the world. There was also some negative criticism, with some social media users believing he was using the project for self-promotion. Donaldson addressed the criticism on X, writing that he intends to continue to “use my channel to help people and try to inspire my audience to do the same.”