Uncle Goes Viral for Delivering the Best Surprise for His 3-Year-Old Nephew’s Birthday

One creative uncle recently amazed the internet for delivering the best surprise for his three-year-old nephew’s birthday. With his nephew being a fan of hard rock legends Kiss, the uncle decided to dress up as a member of the band and put on a proper show for the birthday party.

The uncle, who goes by the name Nando on X (former Twitter), posted a clip from the birthday party showing him and his friend being dressed as Kiss members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and performing the band’s 1979 hit track “I Was Made for Lovin’ You”. The two not only got the costumes right, but also had Stanley and Simmons’ signature face paint on.

“My nephew turned 3 yesterday and he’s OBSESSED with Kiss so my buddy and I dressed up as Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and put on a show and he 100% thought the real Kiss showed up at his party,” Nando explained in the caption.

The post received close to 150K views and got a lot of praise from other X users.

“That is going the extra mile!” one user wrote.

Nando later posted a follow-up clip that shows his nephew still being under the impression and practicing his guitar moves.