Check Out the Amazing Nature-Inspired Embroidery

Nature is probably the most inspiring artistic muse. Paintings, photographs and in this case embroidery, can be so mesmerizing in the artists’ attempts to reproduce or fit their works with natural elements.  

Diana Yevtukh is a Ukranian surreal textile artist and painter whose art pieces have jumped out of a standard hoop.  

She produces embroidery implemented in natural crevices of trees and the results are amazing, creating hypnotizing patterns and motifs which blend perfectly with natural elements. One is portraying an all-knowing eye in bright tones looking from a tree hollow, and there’s another one with an embroidered human heart inside an ailing tree. There is also one with a floral pattern inside the tree’s large crevice.  

Apart from this, she’s also creating fluid paintings inspired by natural landscapes, using small and round barges. She abstractly paints them using pastel and natural colors. Then she takes photos of these small paintings placed in front of landscapes they were inspired with. The results are beautiful.  

Yevtukh says that she doesn’t like to categorize her art. She draws her inspiration from the world around her and combines all sorts of materials and techniques. Her main mission is to fulfill her surroundings with beauty.  

Scroll a bit to see her magnificent works!