Artist Makes Adorable Polymer Clay Sculptures of Her Late Hedgehog

Dorota Kaszczyszyn has many descriptions; she is a self-taught designer and crafter who lives a creative life. The Polish artist sculpts, draws, paints, needle felts and takes pictures. She also loves nature and wildlife. Kaszczyszyn says she is a little bit crazy about sloths, hedgehogs, and llamas.

“The main source of inspiration for me are the shapes and colors of nature, especially animals and hedgehogs have a very special place in my heart,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I’ve always had a thing for this little prickly critters. Meeting a hedgehog on a walk always makes me happy.”

In her work, she uses polymer clay, and her main inspiration to create hedgehogs was pygmy hedgehog called Julian. “Julian is gone now but my love for hedgehogs is not weakening,” she added. “I help, if necessary, wild hedgehogs in my area and I support organizations that save hedgehogs in need.”

To see her creations, check out her Instagram account, or have a look at her Etsy store or website.