Check out These Amazing Basketball-inspired Art Installations

Paris, France hosted its first NBA game on January 24th, with Charlotte Hornets and Milwaukee Bucks made an overseas trip from the US to play a regular season match on European soil. In order to honor this special occasion, French Trajectoire Studio decided to recruit several contemporary artists to create a series of artworks and art installations inspired by basketball.

20 artists were included in this intriguing project, and they came up with some amazing stuff. There is a colorful basketball turned flower vase, marble engraved in honor of Michael Jordan, an upside-down pyramid made out of basketballs, and much more.

The list of artists includes Audrey Guimard, Pascal Vilcollet, Sebastien Preschoux, and Laurent Perbos.

The artworks and art installations were on display at studio Paris’ showroom from January 24th to January 26th. Check some of it below.