Stephanie Hockersmith’s Vibrant Pies Pay Homage to Her Favorite Book Covers

If you love books and baking in equal measure, Stephanie Hockersmith’s pies will become your next obsession. The Colorado-based baker found viral fame on Instagram after she decided to pay homage to her favorite book covers by baking pies inspired by them.

Hockersmith fell in love with baking over a decade ago, and her approach changed when she decided to go gluten-free. This switch made her look at pie-making in a whole new light, and she eventually decided to put a vibrant twist on her pies by adding some food coloring to the mix.

Baking wasn’t Hockersmith’s only hobby, and she enjoyed books just as much. She even ran an Instagram account where she could talk about the books that she was reading, and her life upside down when she decided to mix these two passions into one.

Hockersmith found viral fame under the moniker Pie Lady Books, and she’s best known for baking pies inspired by favorite book covers. Her pies can take up to three hours to make, depending on the colors and details involved.

When it comes to the selection process, Hockersmith lets the covers speak to her. She’s drawn to some of them so much that she can’t resist making pies before even reading the books, and the final result is always truly sweet!