Lucy Joyce Creates Life-Like Artwork of Wildlife and Pets

Lucy Joyce is a British artist specializing in life-like wildlife and pet artworks. Her works pack an impressive amount of detail, capturing animals in such a realistic way that you often have a feeling you are looking at a photograph.

Joyce uses pencil, pastel, and paint during her creative process, which allows her to replicate the features of her subjects in all of their beauty.

Arguably, the true testament to her artistic talent is her Midnight series. Here, Joyce paints on a black background, which helps her to highlight the features of every animal with the monochromatic color palette. This results in captivating paintings that resemble fine art photography in every way possible.

“Bringing together a fascination with the animal kingdom and a natural leaning towards realistic art, I enjoy exploring a diverse range of subjects, and my detailed work aims to celebrate every inch of their individual characteristics and natural beauty, bringing them to life on canvas,” Joyce explains in an artist statement posted on her website.

Joyce’s artwork is quite popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has more than 170K followers. Her paintings also captured the attention of some big brands, and she recently created a piece for one Lamborghini dealership in the UK.

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