Check Out These Quirky Comics Created By Bella Sriwantana

Bella Sriwantana is a Thai illustrator and graphic designer who “draws comics sometimes”. Now living and working in Belgium, the artist illustrates the things that happen to her daily.

“I draw things that actually happen in my daily life, some are facts about myself which some people can relate to and laugh with,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “My comics are mainly about my common struggles and my lifestyle which sometimes feature my boyfriend in the story.”

From cooking and having a holiday dinner with family, to building furniture and wearing too much makeup, Sriwantana shares her hilarious artwork twice a week, so she could “be in touch with her followers”.

“The feedback and the support I receive from them truly encourage me to keep drawing these comics because I love to make people smile,” she added.

If you are curious to see her comics, scroll down or have a look at her Instagram page for more. Can you relate?

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