Check Out This Amazing Indoor Waterfall

The Jewel Changi Airport has been voted the world’s best airport for seven years in a row now.

The airport has a gallery devoted to Singapore’s Peranakan community, two 24/7 movie theaters, a rooftop swimming pool, several art installations, wildlife gardens and most stunning of all – The HBSC Rain Vortex, the world’s greatest indoor waterfall. This masterpiece, made out of steel and glass, was designed by Israeli-Canadian-American architect Moshe Safdie.

This airport has recently officially opened the new dazzling Jewel complex, which has 137 000 square meters, ten floors and over 280 retailers, together with gardens, galleries and restaurants, and includes the amazing sight of a 40-meter indoor waterfall that represents an extension of the airport’s many amenities.

The HSBC Rain Vortex is surrounded by the Manulife SkyNets trampoline stands, the Hedge Maze and the huge Discovery Slides.

The chief executive officer of the airport, Hung Jean, said that her vision for this airport is to make it a place where “the world meets Singapore, and Singapore meets the world,” and if first impressions are true, this is definitely the world’s best airport.