Check Out This Malaysian Illustrator Who Has Been Working For Prestigious Publishers

Malaysia-based concept artist and freelance illustrator Kael Ngu began his artistic journey by making card game illustrations and concept art for a local game studio. With time, his popularity has grown, and nowadays, he is doing cover art for famous publishers like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Rebellion Publishing, Dynamite Comics, and Soleil Productions.

“I’m very, very new in this industry, so at the moment I’m actually trying my best to finish an interior for a secret project, with a big publisher to be announced when it’s ready,” Ngu shared in an interview for Temple Of Geek. “Haha, meanwhile I’m hoping that I can continue to draw variant covers for more titles!”

You can find his work on his social media accounts, where he shares his remarkable creations. If you want to see more of his masterpieces, just keep on scrolling!