Colorful Art Made by Josie Lewis Will Make You Want to Do it Yourself

Josie Lewis is an artist from Minnesota whose Instagram account and YouTube channel have gained great popularity over the last few years, with over 1 billion views on YouTube and around 500k followers on Instagram.

She is an artist who works with mixed media, painting, and video. Her artwork is based on experimentation with different materials, and since she has a daughter, she also shares advice on some creative techniques that are children-friendly, such as paper marbling.

Lewis’ art is exhibited in some public institutions such as The Minneapolis airport and UC Berkeley, General Mills, and The St. Paul Regional Rail Authority.  

Besides paintings, she also creates hypercollages, which are 3D collages built from different materials, and she makes large patterned paintings using a tiny brush and watercolors. What people love most among her numerous artworks are video schmears, which are paint daubs smeared across a surface.

If you visit her Instagram or YouTube channel, you may find art pieces that look dazzling, but there are also tutorials on how to do some of the things she does or satisfying art video collections.