Mind-Blowing Collages That Will Disturb and Amuse You at the Same Time

Alex Eckman Lawn is an artist who creates hand-cut and multi-layered paper collages using all kinds of materials to achieve original and fascinating imagery. His work is spacious and deep and it draws you into the artist’s world, leaving enough space for the viewer’s imagination to wake up. 

In these collages, you can find his digital images as well as some cutouts from old medical texts. He combines contemporary with old, creating unique masterpieces.  

His work has so far been published in comic books, on album covers, T-shirts, posters, as well as videos. Also, it was seen at Art on Paper NY, exhibited in Paradigm Gallery and Studio, Gallery 1988 and many others.  

Lawn is not only a solo player. One of his collaborations that gained great popularity on the internet was with photographer Jason Chen in 2017. They created the Asynchronist, a series of collages that turned out fantastic and the audience loved them. Lawn said that they both create work “about being uncomfortable with one’s existence,” and that’s the feeling you get when you look at his collages alone.  

Lawn’s work is a mix of creepy, sensitive, disturbing, beautiful. and profound and you can check them out below.